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New Contest!!

New Contest for ALL volunteers, veterans, and veteran dog teams with the In house program or the No Veteran Left Behind program. We are having a contest and raising public awareness!

Contest runs now through December 30th 2015.

We want to know your story! Tell us how our programs have helped you and continue to help you. Please include who you are, where you are located, where and when you served, what program you are with and any other information that you would like to share.

Do you have a team mate yet? If not, why is it important that working dogs for vets volunteers to help you to find your teammate? If you do have your teammate, what are you and your dog teammate working on? Has your dog learned a task or tasks that are helping you? If so, which ones?

We would also love for you to include a short video, or a photo of yourself you and your teammate, or even just a photo of your special dog.

Since we are a pay it forward system, how you are helping to pay it forward? Veterans helping Veterans!

Please post to our facebook page or send it to us via email

The winners of this contest will be featured in our newsletters.

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