Can we donate a dog to Working dogs for vets for a veteran?

How does it work?

Working dogs for vets will evaluate adoptable dogs at one of  WDFV's locations. You are welcomed to send pictures and information to Make sure to include your city, state, and phone # in the e-mail. We can schedule an appointment to meet and evaluate adoptable dogs. When we have a hero in need of finding a suitable candidate and after meeting with you and the adoptable dog we will share the information with them, and schedule for them to come and meet with the adoptable dogs. We additionally host events to match heroes in need with dogs and work with them on training together as a team. 

I am a hero in need of a service dog can Working dogs for vets help me find and train my service dog? The 1st step will be to fill out an application. Make sure to print the application, sign and mail to us. Print off the medical release (Dr.'s Letter) bring with you to the VA leaving it with them to mail to us which will verify your veteran status. Then give us a call and we will work towards finding a volunteer local to you, finding your match and coming up with your training plan.