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Simple application process


Fill out the application
(Make sure to print, sign, and mail to us.)
Please email
for application


Print the doctor's letter.

(Take it to the VA and leave it with them so they can mail to us.)


Contact us to make sure we received both.

(And Schedule an appointment with us)

Requirements for the

No Veteran Left Behind Program.

Thank you for your interest in Working Dogs For Vets. The Working Dogs For Vets organization is a 501(c)(3) that is more like a family.  Our family comprises a network of volunteers who meet one-on-one with veterans to help you train your service dog. We help veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, Mobility, Stability, Seizures, Diabetes, MST, Hearing or visual impairment, and much more. 

Requirements for the No Veteran Left Behind Program

  • I am a disabled veteran. 

  • I am financially, physically, and cognitively capable of caring for a dog.

  • I received a doctor's recommendation for a service dog, and my doctor feels that participation in this program will help me. I am capable of training my service dog with help.

  • I can commit to weekly training sessions for one year or possibly more.

  • I agree to pay it forward and help others in need of help when I am able.

  • I will help raise public awareness.

  • I printed, signed, and mailed the application to Working Dogs For Vets for approval (Note: We will review applications and ensure that our program is right for you). Please be patient. We are working as quickly as possible to help many applicants.

  • I have not been convicted of any crime against animals.

  • I will get involved and volunteer to help other W.D.F.V. members

  • I agree to abide by all policies and procedures


You are always welcome to call after applying to check in with us. 

Thank you for your service and interest in joining our Working Dogs For Vets Family!


Combat Veterans that meet the above requirements receive priority, All Veterans that meet the above requirements are welcome to email support@workingdogsforvets for an application. 


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