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Join our family in this mission! Together, we can help stop 22 suicides that happen daily.

Working Dogs For Vets welcomes teams, encourages training daily, and never requires a fee. We provide our programs at no cost to veterans. There are many great ways to get involved with Working Dogs For Vets. We have many opportunities!

Everyone who generously gives to Working Dogs For Vets is helping to make a difference, and we would not exist without every single person and the many types of givers.

There are many ongoing projects at Working Dogs For Vets, across the United States. You will undoubtedly have the time of your life as you are side-by-side with another Veteran/dog enthusiast on a group project. Whether you are walking dogs, training, or helping in another way you are sure to create memories that you will never forget! 

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To donate to Working Dogs For Vets during PayPal check you need to
1. Search for Working Dogs For Vets
2. Click and go to the profile. 
3. Click the heart icon to select the charity as your favorite.
4. Once you've chosen Working Dogs For Vets as your favorite, you'll have the
option to
donate to Working Dogs For Vets during each checkout. 
You can also download the PayPal app to set Working Dogs For Vets as your favorite charity

donate today
help veterans and dogs while shoping at walmart
Two ways to support WDFV – 1) donate change by rounding up your purchase at checkout on
2) donate products from WDFV's nonprofit registry & have the items shipped direct.

Support Working Dogs For Vets when you shop online with @PayPal. Set us as your favorite charity, and you can choose to donate $1 each time you check out with PayPal Get started here

donate with paypal when you check out
Text to donate
support veterans text to donate by phone

Now you can support Working Dogs For Vets just by searching the web. Join Give with Bing and earn points from Microsoft Rewards that turn into actual donations for us!

Bing microsoft rewards that turn into donation
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