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Our Founder Kenneth Knabenshue

“Survival On Both Ends Of Each Leash!”


Ken has overcome many odds throughout his life and his story partnered with hundreds of other survival stories continues to inspire veterans, family members, and animal activists. Due to adversity, he has overcome he has decided to help others to receive the help that he wished he had received. Ken promotes canine rescue, raises public awareness about service dogs and hidden disabilities. Ken is a very humble man and despite his many hardships, he continues to sacrifice unselfishly on a daily basis. I have never met anyone as kind, compassionate, and caring or seen anyone go to such amazing lengths to help others. I feel that he doing the work that God has called him to do.

I believe he was given a vision and is using his talent to help that not only saves two lives at a time but also countless families as well. Kenneth Knabenshue is the founder of Working Dogs For Vets, and the No Veteran Left Behind Program. He is a veteran who has led a life of heroism and courage while serving his country. Prior to enlisting in the Army he professionally trained dogs and even won some titles. After he was discharged he was involved in a life- changing automobile accident where he became disabled and sustained multiple injuries. His physician recommended that he get a service dog. Kenneth contacted many service dog organizations and was repeatedly told a service dog would cost anywhere from $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 and waiting lists were 3-5 years. Ken met with many dogs and trainers and kept noticing some of the dogs were not trained much more than the dogs he had at home.

This was when Ken decided to train his own service dog. At that time he was unsure how to teach his dog some of the tasks he would need to learn to not only help him but also what he would need in order to be legally considered a service dog. Ken contacted service dog trainers for advice, read and gained as much knowledge as he could and with his determination he successfully trained his own service dog despite his disabilities and injuries. However, he didn't stop there, after he was up and around a little better he knew there were so many others that needed help so he continued his education on canine training and behavior.
  Ken has dedicated more than 40 years to training dogs and he never stops learning and gaining experience. This helps improve the survival rate of many veterans and shelter dogs. His cause is fighting a war against P.T.S.D. along with many  hidden and visible disabilities. Through this, Ken has given hope to the disabled. Veterans commit suicide at an alarming rate of 1 every 59 minutes! 2.7 million shelters dogs are euthanized yearly! Kenneth hopes to change those statistics with the non-profit organization he helped to develop. Ken leads a life where he gives back, is passionate about training service dogs and assisting his veteran brothers and sisters. The selfless love he holds for others enables and empowers him on his own personal road to recovery. He was able to take all of his pain, suffering and negativity and turn it into a positive; where he now focuses all of his energy to helping others. Ken has experienced first hand how training his own service dog saved his life. Kenneth has been known to say “I rescued him and he rescued me!” Survival is on both ends of each leash!​
Many disabled veterans cannot afford to have a service dog trained for them, not just due to finances but also due to the long wait times before they could receive a program trained service dog. The programs that Ken has started are unlike any other service dog program out there. They are enabling many disabled veterans by providing the knowledge, online/phone and 1 on 1 support, information and tools necessary to help them with individualized care and training. There are no wait lists, regardless of where they are located across the United States. This organization operates on generous donations, is 100% volunteer based and has had an amazing success rate in helping veterans train their own service dogs.
veteran/dog team upon completion must help another team! That is one of the best parts of this program Veterans helping Veterans, Therefore No Veteran Is Left Behind.
Those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength;
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary;
They will walk and not faint- Isaiah 40:31