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No Veteran Left Behind!
The No Veteran Left Behind Program was developed to enable disabled American heroes across the U.S. to train their own service dogs and promote the rescue of shelter dogs.  What makes us different than other service dog organizations is we do not charge heroes for our services, as they help other teams with the program and pay it forward, Donations to the NVLB Program go directly to support hero/dog teams.  At Working Dogs For Vets, we’re passionate about helping heroes and our service dogs. Heroes/dog teams from the No Veteran Left behind the program are always welcome to train at workshops with volunteer trainers. Much of our training is done by way of local volunteers, and online and phone support.
Working Dogs For Vets In Lawrenceburg, Tennessee HQ 
Working Dogs For Vets In Lawrenceburg TN is our Headquarters in which the In House program houses dogs in training to help support more severely disabled heroes.




More about The No Veteran Left Behind Program
Working Dogs For Vets nonprofit rescues dogs from shelters to train them as service dogs for disabled heroes. Working with volunteers, the dogs are trained to perform dozens of tasks for their owner-handler. Working Dogs For Vets has teamed thousands of disabled heroes with service dogs, helping them regain their independence and build their confidence and self-esteem. Our P.T.S.D. Service Dogs have provided our members with relief from P.T.S.D. night terrors, anger & irritability, and fear of crowds. This helps heroes to be an active part of family life again, with help from Working Dogs For Vets and No Veteran Left Behind. This program saves lives on both ends of the leash. 
Our military men and women through their sacrifices have given American citizens opportunities and privileges we can never repay, Working Dogs For Vets is working to help every disabled hero and dog that we can. Founder Kenneth Knabenshue donates his time and expertise in K9 behavior and Service Dog training to help transform shelter dogs into service dogs.
Seeking Support! We have received many new calls for help. Out of which many applications have been received. Those completed applications have been processed and many have started their accredited training program. For Working Dogs for Vets to keep up with the increasing demand that is increasing each month, we need funding now more than ever before. The goal to continue to serve more than 3,000 teams and additional applicants, is only possible with your continued support and donations. Please help us reach that goal and continue to provide these services for our disabled heroes-help us save lives on both ends of the leash! 






98% of dogs used in Working Dogs for Vets

Programs are rescue/shelter dogs

91% Re-Certification Rate

Corporate sponsors fund our operating costs, while 100% of individual donations are program direct.

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Working Dogs For Vets planned to be on the road in the RV, but still, hopes to find more volunteers to find more dog trainers and work with more dog prison programs. Trainers will need to learn dog training techniques and proper equipment & and evaluation, making all their dogs much more adaptable, and giving our veterans a much better choice of dogs for training, at the same time we will be recruiting professional trainers to help our disabled heroes finish the training of their dogs to become service dogs and raising public awareness about veteran suicide and how service dogs can help (PTSD) TBI and more, so please like and share and help us save more lives on both ends of the leash! We hope to see you in your hometown soon! We are raising funds and hope to have our travel schedule up A.S.A.P. If you can help please click the donate link above! Thank you for your support! 

Your continued support will help us reach our goals to build a facility providing recovering Veterans a place to stay, learn, and train Service Dogs, "Your Support is Saving Lives at Both Ends of the Leash." Pre Corona Virus, we planned on 20+ cabins, 20+ camper and RV spots, dog training facilities, and the Gold Star Park (a place of remembrance) for all Veterans and Gold Star families to come together and heal from loss and scars that allow us all to live in this free country.  We added a video below with an update. Please help if you are able. 

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