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Locations of Woking Dogs For Vets Applicants an teams

Working Dogs For Vets Locations

Click the interactive map above to see our growth!



Working Dogs For Vets HQ is located at 3138 Buffalo Rd. Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 this location serves both an In-house program as well as the No Veteran Left Behind program. The above interactive map shows the Veterans we serve and their locations.  


Additionally, Working Dogs For Vets is made up of supporters and a national volunteer network! This National network is made up of many different types of volunteers located in many different states, communities, and locations. Partnerships are available and support is needed because we cannot do this alone!

The following shows an example of some different types of members of this National Network: 

K9 handlers and Trainers: Description Experienced k9 handlers who check in on teams. These Trainers are coaches that share their dog training experience, meet with teams local to them, check in on teams and their progress, and reporting back to headquarters.

Members we serve: Disabled Hero/ service dog teams have also become part of this National Network after they have completed the training of their own service dog.

Dog Shelters, Rescue Groups, Foster Groups and Animal Welfare Supporters oftentimes call the main base if they have a special dog that may have what it takes to become a service dog.

Dog behaviorists and evaluators helping with dog selection.


Veterans Administrative Service Departments from across the Nation have given high recommendations to the clients they serve asking them to contact Working Dogs For Vets when they are in need of service dogs. Working Dogs For Vets is both recommended and approved by the VA.  Working Dogs For Vets was the 1st Service Dog Organization in the State Of Tennessee to have a Veteran/Service Dog team stay in a long-term treatment care center.








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