No Veteran Left Behind Program
  • The No Veteran Left Behind Program allows disabled heroes who are able, to help train their own service dogs. They are matched with a dog from a local shelter or if they own a dog, after an evaluation, they might be able to train their own dog.  We also locate volunteers for veteran/dog teams.  Volunteers are either a member of our Service Dog training network, a local member of Law enforcement, military, or k9 handlers throughout the United States. Working Dogs For Vets provides veterans with training instructions from start to finish. Volunteers check-in with teams to ensure they are making progress in their training. 
  • We provide volunteers and disabled heroes with ID badges, certificates, information on A.D.A. laws, and information on dog training and task training. Some tasks include medication alert, blocking someone from approaching too quickly, removing heroes from stressful situations, and much more. 
  • In return, after hero/service dog teams successfully complete the program, they must help another team. This has resulted in groups meeting at local parks to help each other in training service dogs. That is where the healing is - heroes helping heroes; so No Veteran is Left Behind.
  • We hope to have trainers at every military base and in every major city throughout the country within 3-5 years. Our training program's Hero/dog teams receive volunteer support, Training & Testing, Basic/Advanced Obedience, Socialization, and Public Access.
  • When your dog reaches service dog In training status you will receive instructions to help with task training so that they will be able to help mitigate your disability. Once your dog learns the tasks and passes the final test your dog will be a Service Dog Graduate.  
REMEMBER.....A dog MUST be trained before it can be taken out into public.  There is no such thing as a "MAGIC" service dog.  You have to train the dog.  But with the help of volunteers and your local community, you can do this.  Once you contact us we will begin to contact volunteers from the local reserve units, law enforcement, and local dog trainers to help you and your dog with the training.  You will train together as a team.
  No Veteran Left Behind Program Advantages
1. There is NO waiting list.  If you have your own dog and they meet our requirements, and we have a qualified volunteer close to you, then you can begin to train immediately.
2. There is NO charge for our services as we are 100% volunteer based.  You don't have to pay for a hotel, meals, and plane fare to receive a dog if you are using local support to train your own service dog.
3. After you and your dog have completed basic and advanced obedience, and public access testing you will be listed as a service dog in training with our program. You will be able to train while out in public. When your dog completes the service dog training and learns the tasks necessary to help with your disability(s) public access by your service dog will be protected by federal law.
4.  We provide you with an enrollment certificate, ID, logo patch, and training information to help you learn to teach your service dog in training necessary tasks. But most importantly, we will always provide support and help.
5. You will have a new family with a large support system in place.
                                    In House Service Dog Program
Working Dogs For Vets also has an "In House" service dog training programs. These programs are for disabled heroes whose disability prevents them from training their own service dog through the No Veteran Left Behind Program. On average, service dog training for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) on average this training takes 6 mo-1 yr, many of the in house service dogs have been trained tasks to help P.T.S.D. coupled with another disability such as mobility support. Some have been trained over 2 years and then given to the disabled vet at no cost. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer based organization.

About our in house dogs and shelter. All of our adoptable dogs will be listed on Most of our dogs will be matched with a veteran and train as a service dog however some of the dogs that will not make it as a service dog but will make a great emotional support dog or just a pet will be also listed here for the public! Please read their bio's. We will soon have a listing for all adoptable dogs on Adopt a pet!