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There is a huge need for qualified service dog trainers.

Working Dogs For Vets is dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledgeable and ethical service dog trainers who will be able to help individuals with disabilities train their dogs to help mitigate their disabilities and thrive every day with their dog at their side.

W.D.F.V.'s Trainer Academy gives experienced dog trainers the knowledge and tools needed to support clients in the training of their service dog.

Cost $7,000.00 for 2-month course


Perks: Volunteering can get part of $ back after completion.

“I can't say enough about W.D.F.V's training academy. I love the ongoing support I received along with the understanding and knowledge I gained on how to work with dogs and teaching service dog tasks and clients with disabilities. I have learned so many training methods love balanced training. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to broaden their dog training skills.”

Stephanie Cooper

Benefits of W.D.F.V. Trainer Certification


You can advertise as a W.D.F.V. Certified Trainer


You are listed on our website and given client referrals


You have access to W.D.F.V.’s materials to use with your clients and on your website as well as W.D.F.V.'s trainer national network for ongoing support.


Learn from content developed by experts in the field, including task training for many disabilities in service dog training.


You can earn experience and as a volunteer, your hours are tax deductible!

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