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There many great ways to get involved with working dogs for vets in house program, and the no veteran left behind program. We are a 100% volunteer based organization with no paid employees. You could help the dogs training here at the WDFV facility, as well as the Veterans participating in our program across the country! We have many volunteer opportunities! Everyone who generously gives to Working Dogs For Vets is helping to make a difference, and we would not exist without every single person and the many types of givers. Whatever your role is, helping veterans, helping with animal rescue, volunteering or support, your hard work and dedication to disabled veterans and homeless animals is recognized every single day. There are many ongoing and special on-site work projects at Working dogs for vets, and across the United States, that we simply don’t have enough staff to accomplish, so we have come to rely on the kindness of volunteers to assist us in keeping up. Your efforts will benefit both the veterans and the many dogs rescued from shelters in an important way! Every task, no matter how big or small, matters in the lives of each of our Veteran/dog teams. You will undoubtedly have the time of your life as you work side by side with another Veteran/dog enthusiast on a group project. Whether you are walking dogs, training, or helping in another way you are sure to create memories that you will never forget!


As we are 100% volunteer based volunteers are a big part of our organization. If you are interested in volunteering please click below and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you! 

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