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Sofie Potter Cat rescuing a Pitbull BF-Max

In the Spotlight - Sofie Potter Cat

We cannot say enough about this amazing girl. She has definitely went above and beyond for Working Dogs For Vets. Sofie is completely dedicated to animal rescue. Sofie recued, walked, fed, bathed and took care of BF-Max through couts of kennel cough and ringworm! But because all of the animal shelters were full, Sofie worried that he would soon he would be sent to Animal Care and Control. Once in the hands of Animal Control he would be put to sleep for illness and behavior from kennel stress. But Sofie never gave up! She promised BF-Max she would do whatever she could do to continue to help him find his new placement. Sofie’s mom Christine Stephan and Sean Casey Rescue arranged the transport to the W.D.F.V. Facility in Tennessee - All the way from New York City! But Sofie didn't stop there! She hosted a fundraiser on her facebook, even making donations herself! From her page came in a donation in the amount of $750.00 - the largest donation WDFV has ever recieved! But she wasn't done yet! She wrote a story for pit bull awareness month and submitted it to to share it with their blog readers. FreeKibble of course loved her story, and donated 10,000 meals to Working Dogs For Vets. Amazingly the 2 tons of Dog food came in from Halo Spots Stew and just in the nick of time as this dog food helped us to provide feed for the dogs throughout the winter! Sofie also sent Working Dogs For Vets jackets for the winter time in training! Thank you Sofie for all you do and for being a voice for the animals! We love you!


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