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Getting help with veterinary bills

The first step is to ask your animal hospital or private vet whether they offer a payment plan. Your local humane organization or animal advocacy group also may have information about other groups or organizations in your area that assist pet owners with veterinary bills. In addition, if you live in a state that has a large college or university with degree programs in Veterinary Medicine, you may wish to contact the school and department for information about low-cost services they might offer through their programs.


The following organizations may be a good resource for other affordable options for veterinary care. The information given below is provided as a courtesy and does not imply the endorsement, recommendation and/or approval of any company or organization. This information is kept as current as possible, and is updated regularly.


Care Credit - A credit card company for veterinary care


American College of Veterinary Surgeons - (301) 913-9550


Hearts United for Animals - (402) 274-3679


Red Rover


MaxFund - For animals with no known owner


Angels 4 Animals


Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance


Corgi Aid - Breed Specific


Labrador Lifeline - Breed Specific


LabMed Rx for Rescued Labs - Breed Specific - Injury Specific

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